Dynacord Xa2 PRO EXTINS

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Dynacord Xa2 - PRO EXTINS

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Dynacord Xa2 - PRO EXTINS

System composed of:

  • 4 x FX12-PRO
  • 4 x FX20-PRO
  • 4 x ZX5
  • 2 x L 3600FD
  • 1 x Rack 12 HU
  • 1 x PM 1000-3
  • Cables included


PowerMate PM 1000-3

PowerMate 3 is a mixer that offers a wide range of functionality in a very compact setting.

You now have a device with optimally matched components. The ergonomic shape of the mixer is clearly structured.

Controls provide a perfect list for instant access to all. Also during the transport you will quickly learn to appreciate his PowerMate- superiority: recessed handles on the sides, compact dimensions and low weight, plus the sturdy cover (only PowerMate 1000-3 and 1600-3), which protects the buttons from being damaged .

However, if you want to install

PowerMate 1000-3 in a 19 "rack, no problem. The only thing you have to do is replace the plastic side panels with a pair of metal ears (rackmount). Through its many functions, high-capacity dynamic and extremely low noise, design, combined with the unit effective 24-bit Dual-Stereo, USB 2.0 audio interface and digital power amplifier, high-performance PowerMate is best equipped mixer for universal use.

Dynacord FX12-PRO

The Dynacord FX12-PRO is an acoustic enclosure with long-distance / high frequency coaxial spacing in coaxial format. It can also be used without subwoofers in public address sound systems over medium distances. The recommended x-over frequency is 140 Hz, 18 dB / oct. Butterworth. The ND 12 A Electro-Voice Speaker emits mid-low frequencies in a conical funnel.

The FX12-PRO is equipped with a passive crossover (1kHz, 18 dB / oct.). Each speaker is heat-protected with an electronic circuit called "voice coil tracking protection". This circuit senses high component voltage and simulates thermal behavior. In case of potential overheating, the power applied to the speakers is reduced to a safe level.

Dynacord FX20-PRO

The Dynacord FX20-PRO is a planar acoustic bass enclosure equipped with the 18 "EVX 180B speaker from ElectroVoice. The frequency response of the subwoofer is from 30 Hz to 150 Hz, so the crossover frequency can be chosen from 80 Hz to 140 Hz. The speaker is protected by Voice Coil Tracking Protection, which senses the speaker voltage and heating, reducing power to a safe operating level.

Amplifiers with a power of up to 1200W in 8 ohms can be used to achieve maximum performance without causing a situation where the loudspeaker is overheated. The enclosure is made of 15mm plurality of birch wood. The control panel is equipped with 4-pole (1 + / 1- and 2 + / 2-) connectors. When using Dynacord amplification racks, the entire system can be wired with 4-speaker speaker cables. The six handles ensure easy and safe transport.

Dynacord L 3600FD

Dynacord L 3600FD AMPLIFIER

Channlels 2; Crosstalk, 1 kHz: <-80 dB; Depth462.4 mm; DIM 30 <0.05%; Frequency Response, ref 1kHz 10Hz - 21kHz (± 1dB); <0.1%; Input Impedance 20 kO; Load Impedance 2 O / 4 O / 8 O; Maximum Input Level +21 dBu; Maximum Output Power, Bridged 4O = 6000W; 8O = 3400W; Maximum Output Power, Dual Channel 2O = 3000W; N4 = 1700W; 8O = 900W; Maximum Output Power, SIngle Channel 2O = 3200W; N4 = 1800W; 8O = 950W; Maximum Output Power, Single Channel @ 2? 3200 Watts; Maximum RMS Voltage Swing, THD = 1% 90.6V; Output Noise, A-weighted <-68dBu; Signal Processing FIR Filters, Audio Limiters, Output delay per channel, PEQ per channel, Impedance Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted)> 109 dB dB Total Harmonic Distortion <0.05%% Voltage Gain, ref. 1 kHz 32 dB; Weight 16.2 kg; Width 483 mm

Electro-Voice ZX 5

The 2-way Zx5 cabinet is a 15 "contemporary with a high-impact polypropylene housing featuring the latest generation of EV components: 15" 500W DXV3150 speaker and 2 "ND2 Neodymium high speaker. The Zx5 has a long-term power rating of 600W and is capable of producing high sound pressure levels (SPL) with a very fine frequency response.

With a coverage of 90 ° x 50 ° (Zx5-90B) or 60x60 (Zx5-60B), two adjustable viewing angles (45 or 55 °) and 10 point rings and suspension allow a variety of accessories mounting. Zx5 is suitable for a lot of applications: sounds, places of worship, on stage with bands, musicians and PA rental companies.


Wooden racks with arched corners and profiles. Available in 6, 8, 10 and 12 HU. Ideal for mixers, CD players, etc.

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